ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme | Energy Company Obligation

Benefits of the Affordable Warmth Obligation

Lifetime savings can help you utilise the energy company obligation and Local Authority FLEX schemes to improve your property’s energy efficiency. Here are a few examples of what our grant scheme will give you:

If your house has inadequate insulation you will use a lot more energy trying to maintain warmth in winter and a cool home during summer. This inevitably results in very high and costly energy bills. An eco-affordable warmth scheme will not only reduce your fuel costs but potentially make insulation free of charge, cutting down on your overall energy usage.

Securing a grant scheme that enables you to make energy-saving improvements to your home will increase the energy efficiency rating of your property. This will make your home much more environmentally friendly and also potentially more attractive to potential buyers/renters in the future.

With an affordable grant, you can carry out energy-efficient changes to your home that will maintain a consistent overall temperature throughout your home. This in turn will reduce energy costs further as you will not need to adjust the thermostat for each room.

Finally, with the energy company obligation scheme, you may be able to qualify for free insulation or heating energy measures.  Ensuring your property’s heating and insulation are up to date and of high quality will ensure that your home stays comfortable year-round and is much more energy efficient.

How Lifetime Savings can help

If you are eligible for an energy company obligation scheme then Lifetime Savings are heavily experienced and qualified team members will supply the support you need.

At Lifetime Savings we provide nationwide coverage throughout the UK and have become one of the most trusted names in energy efficiency services for homes across England and Wales. We have carried out site surveys and local installations for thousands of homeowners and helped pair with best-suited installers to the property’s needs and obtain access to grants which can dramatically reduce the costs associated with energy improvements.

Applying for the available schemes is an easy and hassle-free process. Just fill in our application to book a free survey and we will handle the rest.

Lifetime Savings for energy company obligations

To find out if you qualify, you can apply for a free survey via our website. Our application process is quick and easy and if you are eligible we will then handle the rest for you. For an affordable energy efficient home, apply for the energy company obligation with Lifetime Savings today.


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